Data Science

The plethora of data in this day and age poses new challenges, and we help our clients to face them. By identifying patterns and correlations in the data, we can derive statements that expand our clients’ knowledge about their business and make it permanently usable. While doing so, we make use of a wide variety of well-established statistical methods of analysis.


With the help of innovative forecasting methods, we develop precise forecasts. Traditional procedures as well as techniques from the field of machine learning reliably predict future developments. We link environmental information and correlations with economic, market, and weather data with historical developments intelligently in order to recognize changes in trends early.


Prototypes are made into constant solutions. We take on the implementation and automation of solutions and support their integration into the company-wide business and IT concept through a user-oriented interface design. Our dashboards und reports allow for interactive usage and individualization of the results.


"As part of the Wuerzburg Web Week 2019 prognostica was represented both as a sponsor and with its own event. On April 3, our event took place in the Fotostudio Mondelli and was, to our delight, fully booked to the last seat. Our speakers Thomas, Lena and Alexander gave several insights into predictive analytics topics and provided space for questions and interesting discussions. So it is not surprising that the event did not end as planned at 8 o'clock, but shifted into small discussion rounds in the evening. We would like to thank all participants and hope to welcome them at future events!" [more]
Dr. Kristina Krebs
Business Development Director
"On November 7 and 8, 2018, we will be participating as an exhibitor and speaker at the BARC Conference on Advanced and Predictive Analytics, which is taking place as part of the large data analysis event Big Data World. Meet us in person at stand 991 at Messe Frankfurt, and listen to our talk on ‘Forecasts with exogenous influencing factors in the industrial environment’ on November 8 at 10:55 a.m." [more]
Dr. Kristina Krebs
Business Development Director
"At the Data Festival 2018, I had the chance to present developments in predictive analytics in the supply chain. Many thanks to Mr. Priese from BASF SE, the organizers, and all the participants. The Data Festival was a great event. I am particularly pleased that we were able to show what benefits are possible through modern methodology."

From the program to the Data Festival: Using the data from the global chemical company BASF, empirical results show that this approach clearly outperforms forecasts provided by classical Advanced Planning Systems (APS) in accuracy and plausibility while reducing the planning effort significantly. [more]

Dr. Thomas Christ
Chief Data Scientist

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Objective forecasting

Our forecast is based on reliable mathematical statistical models. Depending on the specific application, the most appropriate model is employed.

Precise results

The high quality of our forecast allows for more accurate and efficient planning. The remaining uncertainty in the forecast is quantified by prediction intervals.


An appealing overview

We attach great importance to the qualitative processing of forecast results. Our forecasts are presented in a vivid manner and can therefore be translated into action strategies immediately.

More knowledge

Get to know your data better: Find out about time series types, seasonality, trend behavior, outliers, and more.

prognostica Forecasting Engine in use

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Use Case

Sales forecasting

We establish an automated planning and controlling system which generates objective and precise sales forecasts in a very short time. High quality forecasts allow for safe planning, so that you can recognize positive and negative developments early and are able to react to them.

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Use Case

Our team

Our interdisciplinary team consists of 17 staff members from the fields of statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, economics, and software development.

Arne Müller

General Manager - Arne represents prognostica and ensures that the company pursues its goals. He provides the best working conditions so that our staff can commit themselves fully to their data science tasks.

Dr. Kristina Krebs

Business Development Director - Kristina is the initial contact person for our clients. She makes sure that the skills of our data scientists are outwardly visible and are used in the manner most appropriate for our clients.

Lena Gutjahr-Lengsfeld

Operations Director - Lena ensures our project business runs smoothly and she provides attentive customer care. With meticulous planning, project coordination, and her data science expertise, she gets the best results and peak performances out of our data scientists.

Dr. Thomas Christ

Chief Data Scientist - Thomas is our link to academia: He is the main contact person for methodological questions, and as the head of various data science projects, puts current research findings into practice, in particular in close contact with data analysis research conducted at the University of Würzburg.

Are you interested in working in data science and want to complement our team? We are always excited about motivated new colleagues. Maybe one of our vacancies seems perfect for you. If so, send us your application! We also welcome any unsolicited applications.

Learn more about your data

Your data is related to other data.


Indicator Matching

We investigate a series of economic indicators and other influencing factors to see whether and to what degree they have predictive properties for your business. This insight allows you to act proactively and be optimally prepared for upcoming economic developments.

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You roughly illustrate your problem.

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In a two-hour meeting, you explain your problem more precisely.

Next week

In-depth workshop

We visit your company for three days for questions and answers, data supply, etc. We devise a prototype.

In 3 weeks


If you are satisfied with our work, commission us to implement the solution.

In 4 weeks


We develop the prototype into a fully functioning system with comprehensive functionality—available anytime and fully automated.


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Wealth of data

Are you convinced that your company data holds valuable information?


Are your datasets too complex to analyze with simple methods?


Do your instincts tell you that there is a connection between your data and economic developments?


Do you want to reinforce your monthly manual forecasts with objective numbers?


Do you not have the time to carry out this great amount of data analysis and forecasting again and again?


Do you want to move forward into a digitalized world, but a lack of specialized personnel prevents you from doing so?


Do you want a prototypical solution to be developed from your analytical approaches?


Do you want your data to be displayed informatively and appealingly at last?


Do you need assistance in operationalizing your possible solutions?

Is your question not included above? Contact us and we will be pleased to find out together in what way we can help you.


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