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We are prognostica GmbH and our business is the future. We are experts in predictive analytics and data science. Our team is interdisciplinary and consists of employees from the fields of statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, economics, and software development.

Our strength lies in precise and objective forecasts. Using time series, we use statistical methods and modern machine learning methods to extract relevant structures in order to predict future developments very accurately.

A close look into the future helps our customers to improve their financial, production, or sales planning. They use this information to utilize their valuable resources more efficiently and to reduce unnecessary costs.

Our customers are medium-sized companies and corporations. Our forecasts provide every industry with an economic advantage. Those who are better prepared for the future in a digitalized world make better decisions.

This is where prognostica helps.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team consists of 17 staff members from the fields of statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, economics, and software development.

Arne Müller

General Manager - Arne represents prognostica and ensures that the company pursues its goals. He provides the best working conditions so that our staff can commit themselves fully to their data science tasks.

Dr. Kristina Krebs

Business Development Director - Kristina is the initial contact person for our clients. She makes sure that the skills of our data scientists are outwardly visible and are used in the manner most appropriate for our clients.

Lena Gutjahr-Lengsfeld

Operations Director - Lena ensures our project business runs smoothly and she provides attentive customer care. With meticulous planning, project coordination, and her data science expertise, she gets the best results and peak performances out of our data scientists.

Dr. Thomas Christ

Chief Data Scientist - Thomas is our link to academia: He is the main contact person for methodological questions, and as the head of various data science projects, puts current research findings into practice, in particular in close contact with data analysis research conducted at the University of Würzburg.

Are you interested in working in data science and want to complement our team? We are always excited about motivated new colleagues. Maybe one of our vacancies seems perfect for you. If so, send us your application! We also welcome any unsolicited applications.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enable companies to make unbiased decisions by utilizing relevant data and enabling interpretable results by means of methods that are tailored to the specific problem.

Our vision is to be the first choice for tailor-made predictive solutions.

Research & Expertise

We are experts in predictive analytics and data science: In order to keep our knowledge up to date, we stay in contact with the University of Würzburg and its Institute of Mathematics. As a result, we take up the latest research and scientific findings and pursue them in the continuous development of our individual solutions.

Let us convince you today of the quality of our work.


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