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Use an AI to optimally care for patients in the operating room

Cassandra - This is the name of a project funded by the BMBF, which prognostica applied for together with the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (psychological ergonomics), the university clinic (clinic and polyclinic for anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine and pain therapy) and KENBUN IT AG . Cassandra was selected as eligible for funding from among numerous submissions.


The work of anesthesia teams is often time-critical and characterized by flexible dynamics. The parallel and correct documentation of large amounts of treatment data costs teams the time they need to care for patients. AI systems can effectively relieve this.

Goals and approach

The researchers of the Cassandra project are developing and evaluating a virtual “AI team member”. This is intended to support anesthesia teams in the treatment and care of patients. Interaction with the system is language-based and can be integrated directly into the natural workflow. AI models, which are based on approx. 100,000 anesthesia protocols and learn continuously, recognize deviations from the normal state of vital parameters and support the determination of the cause. prognostica contributes its expertise in data analysis and modeling and analyzes anesthesia protocols and the information captured by speech recognition using prognosis and AI models. The planned project duration is three years.

This project is BMBF-sponsored-by

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