Use Case Capacity Planning


Working materials and machines are not always used optimally in production. Personnel deployment is also not always planned sustainably. The aim is to minimise unsatisfactory processes and to make full use of the organisation’s potential. How can the use of available resources be optimized for this purpose?


By analyzing historical data, future demand is predicted. Personnel and vacation schedules as well as the calendar and maximum capacities are taken into account in personnel planning. Demands on capacities are allocated sensibly and optimally. A dashboard is created that shows the automated planning figures that can still be manually adjusted to include short-term changes, e.g. in case of illness or urgent requirements.


  • Avoidance of idle time in the personnel plan
  • Avoidance of overworking individual employees
  • Avoidance of investment, e.g. by avoiding the purchase of production machinery
  • Efficient allocation of orders to production locations/machines/rooms etc.

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